Arunkumar Chari

    Mr. Arun Chari is a seasoned Procurement professional with 25 plus years of experience in Supply chain, production, strategic sourcing and has vast exposure to lean, WCM. Mr. Chari has earlier worked with companies like GM, FAG(j now Schaffler). He is currently working as AVP and regional Director Procurement with Milacron India - An American MNC making Plastic machinery has regional headquarter at Ahmedabad with plants in China, Germany and the US.

    Push-Pull Strategy – A Revisit

    As supply chain and operations professionals, we understand the concept of the Push-Pull boundary. In my opinion, it has become more important...

    Book Review: Hooked – How to Build Habit-Forming Products

    What makes you check your phone 100 times per day? Why do you always use Google instead of Bing? Or why do...

    Challenges Posed by a Multi-Site Supply Chain ERP Implementation

    Organizations with multiple sites that need online ERP support should learn how to create procurement solutions so that the data and processes...

    Supply Chain Post COVID – New Normal

    Once we start living in the post COVID world, which is when the pharma companies produce the vaccines and the world has...
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    The COVID-19 Aftermath and the supply chain professionals

    Covid-19 too shall pass! Now time is how to prepare for aftermath especially for Supply Chain Professionals as they are the one who will be on front line to start and ramp up operations!!!

    In a Perspective (Not from supply chain, from personal fitness)

    This article is not related to Supply chain, but it is with perspective of your physical fitness to fight against COVID-19 and to owe to your family for healthy and happy YOU!!!

    Managerial Courage – First stepping stone for becoming leader from manager

    Managerial courage is an ability of an individual to analyse what is good for the organization and stay with the courage to put his point inspite of he is not leading the team.

    Leveraging the Millennial!

    There is no better...