chandan shirbhayye

    A Supply Chain Veteran with expertise in leading teams, developing strategy, Budgets preparations and work execution in alignment with Business plans. He has the ability of proficient management of Procurement & Contracts Management, Operations & Planning, Project Management, Taxation & Permits, Inventory Management & Logistics in a complex environment of multiple SKUs & Business models. Very well versed with high-end technology and platforms like ERP systems of SAP-MM, Ariba-Sourcing, JD Edwards - Production & Optivision. His hobby is learning and sharing knowledge with Supply Chain Enthusiast.

    Bathtub Curve in Product Life Cycle

    What is Bathtub Curve? The Bathtub Curve is a diagram model made to speak to the disappointment pace...

    Pitfalls of Logistic Outsourcing

    Logistic Outsouring and 3PL,4PL and 5Pl Logistics partners are the common terms in the global business. But, one should consider the pitfalls as well while making decision for Logistics Outsourcing. Here is the list of 10 pitfalls to be considered for Logistics Outsourcing.


    Procurement will be considered as a value adding function if the approach is customized and if it is based on the needs...

    Prepare your Supply Chain for Crisis and Beyond

    We all know that It’s impossible to anticipate the arrival of global crises such as the coronavirus outbreak. However, firms can mitigate their impacts by taking supply chain preparedness to a higher level. The best response, of course, is to be ready before such a crisis hits, since options become more limited when disruption is in full swing. Let's explore in this article how should companies re-design their supply chains to operate effectively in a highly volatile world through excellent examples of past and author - @ wisdom & experience.
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    Supply chain crisis management – Importance of communication

    In difficult time of COVID19, businesses are undergoing real VUCA world where future is not certain. In this tough time, Communication is a key criteria for managing Supply Chain Crisis.