Chirag Kalaria

    Supply Chain professional working at AMUL with a decade of versatile experience in Materials Procurement, Supply Chain, Contracts Management, Warehousing, Logistics, and Project Management. Business Development and Financial Operations were also fields of expertise. Started “Sourcing and Supply Chain(SSC)” to share knowledge and business expertise for strengthening the procurement process and developing agile supply chain across industries.

    Push-Pull Strategy – A Revisit

    As supply chain and operations professionals, we understand the concept of the Push-Pull boundary. In my opinion, it has become more important...

    Book Review: Hooked – How to Build Habit-Forming Products

    What makes you check your phone 100 times per day? Why do you always use Google instead of Bing? Or why do...

    Challenges Posed by a Multi-Site Supply Chain ERP Implementation

    Organizations with multiple sites that need online ERP support should learn how to create procurement solutions so that the data and processes...

    Supply Chain Post COVID – New Normal

    Once we start living in the post COVID world, which is when the pharma companies produce the vaccines and the world has...
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    In today's digital era, information is the power. This can be easily understood by World's leading 5 firms. All of them have their own journey and story to share. Here at SSC, we always push our boundaries to serve you with something worth reading. Hence, don't forget to check out our informative and innovative "Did you Know? -- Flip to get Amazed" series to learn interesting facts about top 5 giants.

    Protected: SSC Mock Test – 1

    SSC Mock Test-1 for SCM Enthusiasts to have a hands-on experience and feeling of supply chain certification exams.

    Protected: SSC Mock Test – 2

    SSC Mock Test-2 for SCM Enthusiasts to have a hands-on experience and feeling of supply chain certification exams.

    Capacity Planning – Keeps Your Products Stocked and Customers Happy

    Capacity planning and Resource Planning is the key to success for any organization for fulfill customer demands in time and manage products stocks on shelved and keep customers happy. Optimoroute bring a software for the same which can preciously deliver the same. Go through the article for understanding the concept and application.

    Contemporary Logistics Management Quiz

    SSC quiz on "Comtemporary Logistics Management" to test your domain knowledge in a fun way. Winner may get a chance to enroll in 30 hrs certification program from ExxpertSCM and APICS certified faculty.

    #BoycottChina – In a sensible way

    Covid19 outbreak portrayed China as cause of half a million of deaths which results into #Boycottchina movement in the world. India is on the same track with #atmanirbharbharat campaign. But, we need to do it on sensible way where we develop our domestic industries strategically and reduce Chinese dependency.

    Strategic Supply Chain Quiz

    Supply Chain is gaining traction in the time of pandemic and everyone is looking at to gain knowledge on Supply Chain or making a career in Supply Chain. We have brought a quick quiz to test your domain knowledge about the same. Take a quick quiz and checkout where you stand in the function knowledge. All the best!

    VUCA – A wake-up call for supply chain

    VUCA demands initiative and innovation from Supply Chain to tackle the situation and meet dynamic consumer demands. Its a wake-up call for Supply Chain people to move from conventional approach to dynamic approach.

    How is it feels like being AMULYA (Priceless or Invaluable) amidst COVID 19 Outbreak and Lockdown in India

    AMUL is Asia's biggest cooperative with joint ownership of 3.6 million farmers and this article is on the feeling of being part of precious organization as AMULYA amidst COVID 19 outbreak and lockdown in India.