Jayanta Chakraborty

    A Project Management, Procurement, Stores & Operations specialist offering over 35 years of experience, in both International and National assignments. Associated with leading Business groups like INOX CVA, HAL, NTPC, GKW Limited etc. for delivering exceptional management & customer service; awarded with several employee excellence awards during the career. Motivated by internal standards of excellence to over-achieve expectations and exceeded set goals. Expert in International commercial claim settlement.

    Push-Pull Strategy – A Revisit

    As supply chain and operations professionals, we understand the concept of the Push-Pull boundary. In my opinion, it has become more important...

    Book Review: Hooked – How to Build Habit-Forming Products

    What makes you check your phone 100 times per day? Why do you always use Google instead of Bing? Or why do...

    Challenges Posed by a Multi-Site Supply Chain ERP Implementation

    Organizations with multiple sites that need online ERP support should learn how to create procurement solutions so that the data and processes...

    Supply Chain Post COVID – New Normal

    Once we start living in the post COVID world, which is when the pharma companies produce the vaccines and the world has...
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    Harnessing Natural Resources in Industrial Steel Buildings (PEB) – Part 1 Wind Energy

    Natural resources are renewable energy and available in abundance on the mother earth. After facing a lot of environmental issues, mankind has understood the importance of harnessing or using natural resources instead of fossil fuels which be finished sooner or later as well as creating a harmful impact on the environment. Looking to this phenomena SSC has started an initiative with a new series of articles on "Harnessing Natural Resources in Industrial Steel Building (PEB)" and we are pleased to present our first article on the usage of Wind Energy in designing of Industrial Steel Buildings.

    COVID -19: It’s positive impact on mother Earth

    Covid-19 has been emerged as century's biggest curse on humankind, however on other side it will be proved as reset button for rejuvenating Mother Earth by balancing the nature.