Sumit Wadhawan

    A dynamic leader & result oriented professional with 24+ years of expertise in creating & managing supply Chain for leading international e-commerce & retailers. Adept to contributing ingenious strategic initiatives, adopting innovative methodologies in Supply Chain, Operations, Logistics, Vendor Compliances, Sustainable Strategic Sourcing to Quality Assurance with a vision of Profit Centre Management. Maximizing talent capabilities towards enhancing organizational core values and visions. Currently pursuing Masters in Supply Chain Analytics from MIT (U.S.) An alumnus from NMIMS (Supply Chain & Operations) & I.I.T (Logistics Management), Black Belt & ISO auditor. Awarded SCM PRO by CII on Feb 19.

    Supply Chain Post COVID – New Normal

    Once we start living in the post COVID world, which is when the pharma companies produce the vaccines and the world has...

    Spend Analytics: Speed up Your Decision Making

    In one of the research, 53 percent of CPOs acknowledged that data visibility and analytical capabilities are still needed for establishing the...

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    Nations across the world could see a second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic as they have started relaxing lockdown, travel, and social...
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    Supply Chain Post COVID – New Normal

    Once we start living in...

    Green Supply Chain Management – GSCM

    As the year 2020, started...

    Pitfalls of Logistic Outsourcing

    Logistic Outsouring and 3PL,4PL and 5Pl Logistics partners are the common terms in the global business. But, one should consider the pitfalls as well while making decision for Logistics Outsourcing. Here is the list of 10 pitfalls to be considered for Logistics Outsourcing.

    Prepare your Supply Chain for Crisis and Beyond

    We all know that It’s impossible to anticipate the arrival of global crises such as the coronavirus outbreak. However, firms can mitigate their impacts by taking supply chain preparedness to a higher level. The best response, of course, is to be ready before such a crisis hits, since options become more limited when disruption is in full swing. Let's explore in this article how should companies re-design their supply chains to operate effectively in a highly volatile world through excellent examples of past and author - @ wisdom & experience.

    Types of Supply Chain

    During the unprecedented situation, the role of Supply chains has been imperative across industries. However, it is time to define which supply chain to adopt? Lean supply chain which make effective use of resources or Agile supply chain which gives ability to swift response to solution or balance of the both to have a benefit of both models? Check out and decide...

    Supply chain rebuilding strategy – Post COVID-19

    Covid-19 has badly impacted the supply chains across the globe and since last 2 months we all are discussing how much impact was there and what will be the possible solution? Here is the complete short to medium to long term strategy to rebuild the supply chains and in more agile, efficient and resilient than earlier one.

    Top trends that will reshape supply chain and logistics in 2020

    Supply Chain and Logistics are 2 important buzzwords of 2020. Looking to current dynamic market situation and changing customer demands trends like Artificial Intelligence, Real-Time Visibility throughout supply chain, Supply Chain Digital Twin, 3PL Collaboration and Green Logistics will decide the future.