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    Book Reviews

    Book Review: The Middle Muddle

    This book is targeted towards middle level managers and challenges faced by them in the current work culture. What is to be done and what is to be avoided with real life examples will help readers to understand the scenario, relate with their current situation and what to apply to come out of the challenges? A must read..

    Book Review: Bridgital Nation

    Bridgital Nation: Solving technology’s people problem Book brilliantly...

    Catalyst – Book Review

    What makes a great career? Are the...

    Book Review – FACTFULNESS

    FACTFULNESS In this book, Hans Rosling and co-authors have explained methods of Gaining a Better & More Hopeful Perspective of Today's World which seem to be negative at first glance. To know more, check out the well articulated summary written by our co-author Mr. Sareshwar Gosavi.