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    Call for Sourcing & Supply Chain Volunteers

    SSC is a knowledge sharing and networking platform for Supply Chain Professionals across industries and the globe. To expand to further, SSC invites passionate Supply Chain Enthusizasts as Volunteers to join Team SSC!!!

    Supply Chain of Coca-Cola

    Coco-Cola has evolved and still managed to secure most popular beverage in the world. The secreat behind the success of this product is an examplary Supply Chain management as well as adopting new emerging technologies.

    A Globalized World – Localizing Global Supply Chains

    "The world is globalized village and everyone is connected" is still relevant but this made China a Manufacturing hub for the world. But, in 2020 this is no more the scenario and nations as well as organizations are thinking to go for local sourcing rather than being heavily dependent on global supply chain.

    A Resilience Methodology: How Supply Chains become more Resilient

    Covid19 has strongly hit on Supply Chains and the one who survived or managed to carry out operations are few resilient supply chains. This pandemic has proven that "A Resilient Supply Chain" is must have thing in new normal 2020. So, lets checkout how to build it?

    Data Management in the Supply Chain

    Overview Given the enormous challenges that current supply...