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    The SRM Journey (Supplier Relationship Management)

    SSC is hosting a webinar on “The SRM Journey “, which is a real-time business case study, and how it empowered the organization. Join us and experience the flight with -What & Why SRM? Market Intelligence, Plan & Strategy, Project launch, Risk & Mitigation, and much more.

    Expert Talk Show on Procurement Challenges in New Normal

    In New Normal 2020, the post covid era, importance of Supply Chain and Procurement has been increased substantially and same way the challenges also increased. To address the same, SSC had arranged Expert Talk Show on "Procurement Challenges in New Normal" Check it out.

    Supply Chain Disruption and Resilience

    Covid19 has disrupted Supply Chains globally and the answer to this disruption is Resilience. Check out SSC webinar which inculdes Disruption Vs Vulnerability, VUCA, Resons and Risk Assessment, The Great Reset, Strategies and Leadership, Reset Normal.

    Blockchain of Intelligent Things

    "Digital Transformation is a dilemma in the current business environment, as in how to choose the strategy and the right tools for enhancing business maturity. There are a plethora of definitions of digital transformations and the most appropriate one defining the situation would be “A radical rethinking of how an organization uses technology, people, and process to change the operating system of the business”.

    Key Trends and Challenges in Supply Chain

    "Competition is no longer between companies, but it is between Supply Chains" Industry Leaders are emphasising these days on " Key Trends and Challenged in Supply Chain" is the most important factors that shapes the development of the Supply Chain best practices in the future.