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    State of Freight Survey – Winter 2020

    At the outset of new normal, business stays at the forefront in building sustainable strategies and adapting to innovative technologies. Technology plays a key role in simplifying and building resilient logistics operations.

    GoComet – an LRM platform that enables organizations to automate negotiations for the best rates, track shipments, and reconcile Invoices, is conducting a “State of Freight – Winter 2020 Survey” on international freight post-pandemic on how companies are exploring new growth opportunities in 2021.

    It will be in continuation of an earlier Survey held on April 19 featuring inputs received from 150+ industry leaders across the globe. Check out

    Sourcing & Supply Chain is happy to collaborate with GoComet as Media Partner on taking this survey to key industry leaders to understand the current fall-backs and future changes required in logistic operations.

    Cast your vote which will be a part of our upcoming global report on the freight operation. Respondents will get exclusive access to the “State of Freight –Winter 2020” report and a ticket to the webinar on “Pre and post-Covid assessment and recommendations for freight operations”.

    Survey Link –

    Every vote counts for a change!

    Blockchain Technology for Supply Chain

    Blockchain is the revolutionary technology which empowered Bitcoin very successfully and with its unique features like security, reliability, automation, decetralized, temper-proof and highly customizabiliity, it can be successfully implemented for Supply Chain Industry as well.

    Call for Sourcing & Supply Chain Volunteers

    SSC is a knowledge sharing and networking platform for Supply Chain Professionals across industries and the globe. To expand to further, SSC invites passionate Supply Chain Enthusizasts as Volunteers to join Team SSC!!!

    Supply Chain of Coca-Cola

    Coco-Cola has evolved and still managed to secure most popular beverage in the world. The secreat behind the success of this product is an examplary Supply Chain management as well as adopting new emerging technologies.

    The SRM Journey (Supplier Relationship Management)

    SSC is hosting a webinar on “The SRM Journey “, which is a real-time business case study, and how it empowered the organization. Join us and experience the flight with -What & Why SRM? Market Intelligence, Plan & Strategy, Project launch, Risk & Mitigation, and much more.

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