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    Strategic inventory management

    In this competitive global word, everybody is talking about controlling inventory which has potential to block organizations’ blood i.e. Liquidity/cash flow. But, at the same time inventory is as important as food for an organization without which generation of products/service is not possible. Thats why it is necessary evil!!!

    You may get complete details about strategic inventory management in my attached presentation here which covers

    • What is Inventory?
    • Why do we need Inventory?
    • Cost of Inventory
    • Inventory Components
    • What drives Inventory?
    • Bull-Whip Effect – The role of Information!!!
    • Inventory Performance Measurement
    • Customer Centrality – A Tight Balance
    • Inventory Classification
    • Inventory Planning Strategy
    • Forecasting Techniques and its benefits
    • Inventory Decision Issue – EOQ model

    I hope it gives you all required details for understanding the subject and application of the same in your organization.

    Presentation can is available @

    Questions and suggestions are most welcome!!!

    Blockchain Technology for Supply Chain

    Blockchain is the revolutionary technology which empowered Bitcoin very successfully and with its unique features like security, reliability, automation, decetralized, temper-proof and highly customizabiliity, it can be successfully implemented for Supply Chain Industry as well.

    Call for Sourcing & Supply Chain Volunteers

    SSC is a knowledge sharing and networking platform for Supply Chain Professionals across industries and the globe. To expand to further, SSC invites passionate Supply Chain Enthusizasts as Volunteers to join Team SSC!!!

    Supply Chain of Coca-Cola

    Coco-Cola has evolved and still managed to secure most popular beverage in the world. The secreat behind the success of this product is an examplary Supply Chain management as well as adopting new emerging technologies.

    The SRM Journey (Supplier Relationship Management)

    SSC is hosting a webinar on “The SRM Journey “, which is a real-time business case study, and how it empowered the organization. Join us and experience the flight with -What & Why SRM? Market Intelligence, Plan & Strategy, Project launch, Risk & Mitigation, and much more.

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