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    Supply Chain is gaining traction in the time of pandemic and everyone is looking at to gain knowledge on Supply Chain or making a career in Supply Chain. We have brought a quick quiz to test your domain knowledge about the same. Take a quick quiz and checkout where you stand in the function knowledge. All the best!

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    What is this: The process of having suppliers provide goods and services that were previously provided internally?

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    Inventory in the transportation network and the distribution system, including the flow through intermediate stocking points. What is this called?

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    A measure (usually expressed as a percentage) of satisfying demand through inventory or by the current production schedule in time to satisfy the customers' requested delivery dates and quantities. What is this called?

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    A computer application system designed to manage and optimize workflows and the storage of goods within a warehouse. What is this called ?

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    A privately owned network that makes use of internet technology and applications to meet the needs of an enterprise. What is this called?

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    A product development approach that involves the manufacutring function in the initial stages of product design to ensure ease of manufacturing and assembly. What is this called?

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    The process of designing a product a product to meet the specific cost objective. What is this called?

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    A production planning method that maintains a stable production rate while varying inventory levels to meet demand. What is this called?

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    A group of business processes that includes the following activities: Demand management, Production, Resource planning and Master scheduling?

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    What is this: An online trading exchange that enables both information integration and collaboration between multiple trading partners?

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    Supply Chain Quick Test

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