Strategy proposal for Seafood Innovations Ltd, New Zealand

    Seafood Innovations Ltd (SIL) is a research partnership firm owned by Seafood New Zealand Limited and The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research Limited. Its purpose is to promote the carrying out of research relating to the seafood industry in New Zealand.

    The Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE) is a cornerstone funder of the company’s research on behalf of the New Zealand Government.

    Seafood Innovations Ltd aims to underpin the growth of the seafood export industry by increasing returns from the current seafood harvest through developing and commercializing innovative, consumer appealing, value-added seafood and marine products.

    The industry sees the possibilities of adding value by utilizing every part of the fish and developing new products that are appealing to customers and consumers around the world.

    SIL is facing challenges for its own funding from New Zealand Govt and to continue the same, SIL has to submit a strategic proposal to officials. According to me following 3 key strategies which they should focus on are

    1. Reprocessing technologies of food and processing seafood waste for non-food applications
    2. Eco-friendly or clean environmental certifications for foods
    3. Supply chain improvement for domestic and export channels for cost reduction

    It is presented in an attached presentation prepared by me and it will be a helpful case study for any seafood industry. Please find the same below.

    It is business case-study to help other industries also.

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