Supply Chain – Most Critical Factor for Winning


In the era of online trading, marketing and deliverance of your brand or company to any corner of the world is quite easy but it is not the case when you need to deliver your products/services at those places. Hence, in such evolution of information and internet, the market is not limited to geographical boundaries but winning in any business comes with a foolproof solid supply chain which delivers intact material in shortest possible time with optimum cost.

Nowadays, Supply chain is not limited to just movement of goods or deliverance of services but it is actually a lot more.

According to SAP Hana, now every industry has mainly 2 types of flows which is supply chain and funds/cash flow. It shows its importance which is as equivalent to funds to run the business.

For any food industry, the supply chain plays a major role looking to perishable nature of goods and freshness is prime important criteria.

You may connect with me for understanding the criticality of a supply chain and how to win in business based on agile supply chain and material/service deliverance.


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