Ray of Hope…

In the dark midnight of thoughts
Don’t worry about poor health, not about poor wealth
Don’t worry about the past, not about the future
Don’t worry about lost fights, not about the upcoming battle
Worry only for the hope that you are loosing,
Hope is the strength when you are unhealthy
Hope is an opportunity when you are unwealthy
Hope reincarnates bright future from dark past
Hope is the courage to win the battle from a lost fight
Hope is faith in God and power to boost you
It’s a blessing for mankind including you
Oh, human sleep well and rise with Hope,
Tomorrow will be definitely yours . . .

Oh, Dear Human Why are you Sad?

After missing all natural events of childhood and seen increasing the number of natural calamities, a thought came in mind “Oh, Human why you are sad?” even though you have achieved everything and most powerful creature in the world!!! #human#nature